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The Aardwolf Zoological Park is filled with wondrous animals  of every 
sort. Ever wanted to come face to face with the Grendel, or pet the silky 
soft fur of a chinchilla?  Well, now's your chance.

Unfortunately, it's vacation time for Aardwolf, and all the snotty, 
platter-faced brats and arrogant, snide teens are out in force at the zoo,
and only one of the Zookeepers is doing his job. Head on over to the
Manager's office to see if you can lend a hand!

Level Range        : 5 to 35
Goal Difficulty    : Medium
Goal Recommended at : Level 20
Goal Converter      : Citron
Area Author        : Xoe

Area added March 5, 2005. Replaces Wyvern's Tower.

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