Rangers are the hunter/woodsman type. They are excellent fighters and draw magical powers from nature. Rangers are at one with nature and try not to harm it in any way. They despise people destroying nature for fun or for profit. Rangers begin with skill in the axe. The ranger's primary stat is Constitution. Most of a rangers abilities are determined by their Wisdom and Constitution.

Ranger Subclasses:


Special skills/spells available to characters with the ranger primary class:

  Gaias revenge
  Wolf spirits
  Call lightning
  Energy ball

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Suggested Races for Ranger:

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Suggested Races for Ranger:

Centaur  : Half-human, half-horse - a fearsome and strong beast.
Diva    : Mother Earth's own beings, closely tied to nature.
Dwarf    : Short, stocky folk with well balanced attributes.
Eldar    : Mysterious ancient race, masters of magic and lore.
Lizardman: Lizard crossbreeds with exceptional strength and wisdom.
Ratling  : Cunning ratlike humanoids comfortable in the outdoors.
Triton  : Warriors born and bred in the world's oceans.

Other races available: Dark elf, Elf, Giant, Half-Grif, Halfling, Human,
                      Quickling, Shadow, Sprite, Troll, Vampire, Wolfen

More details on each race are available by typing 'help <racename>'