The PSIONICIST class is a 'spellcasting' class similar to Mages and Clerics, but with several important differences. Where a Mage's power comes from harnessing external energies present in all matter, and a Cleric's comes from his or her deity, the Psionicist derives all of his or her power from within. The Psionicist harnesses, shapes, and utilizes the natural forces which infuse his or her own being. As a result, many of the devotions that a Psionicist can practice are strictly personal in effect, and cannot be used on other players. The psionicist's primary stat is Intelligence but Wisdom and Luck are also very important to a psi.

Psionicist Subclasses:


Special skills/spells available to characters with the psionicist primary class:

  Combat mind

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Suggested Races for Psionicist:

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Suggested Races for Psionicist:

Eldar    : Mysterious ancient race, masters of magic and lore.
Elf      : Mentally and physically agile race enamored with magic.
Half-Grif: Magically-created, intelligent flying beasts.
Quickling: Small faeries with extraordinary speed and energy.
Ratling  : Upright humanoid rodents with keen senses.
Shadow  : Ethereal beings with a penchant for magic.
Sprite  : Small, magically-inclined faeries that can turn invisible.

Other races available: Centaur, Dark elf, Diva, Dwarf, Giant, Halfling,
                      Human, Lizardman, Triton, Troll, Vampire, Wolfen

More details on each race are available by typing 'help <racename>'