Mages specialize in the casting of spells, offensive ones in particular. Mages have the highest-powered magic of any class. They are also very skilled at the use of magical items, though their combat skills are the weakest of any class. All mages begin with skill in the use of daggers. The mage's primary stat is INTELLIGENCE. Almost all of the mages spells are based on INTELLIGENCE and to a lesser degree, LUCK. So, a mage should make sure they choose a race that can gain INTELLIGENCE cheaply.

Mage Subclasses:


Special skills/spells available to characters with the mage primary class:

   Acid blast
   Wraith form

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Suggested Races for mage:

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Suggested Races for Mage:

Eldar    : Mysterious ancient race, masters of magic and lore.
Elf      : Mentally and physically agile race enamoured with magic.
Half-Grif: Strong magically-constructed flying creatures.
Quickling: Faerie offshoots with an innate speed boost.
Ratling  : Large, very cunning, upright-standing rodents.
Sprite  : Small, agile faeries with the power of invisibility.
Vampire  : Strong, intelligent creatures of the night.

Other races available: Centaur, Dark elf, Diva, Dwarf, Giant, Halfling,
                      Human, Lizardman, Shadow, Triton, Troll, Wolfen

  More details on each race are available by typing 'help <racename>'