Clerics are the most defensively orientated of all the classes. Most of their spells focus on healing or defending the faithful, with their few combat spells being far less powerful than those of mages. However, clerics are the best class by far at healing magics, and they possess an impressive array of protective magics, as well as fair combat prowess. All clerics begin with skill in the mace. The Cleric's primary stat is Wisdom.

The effectiveness of cleric heal is determined by the WISDOM of the cleric. How well they do in combat is based on a combination of Wisdom, Intelligence and Luck.

Cleric Subclasses:


Special skills/spells available to characters with the cleric primary class:

   Pure faith
   Party sanctuary
   Healing touch
   Voice of god

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Suggested Race for cleric:

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Suggested Races for Cleric:

Dark Elf : Outcast brothers of the elves, now living underground.
Diva    : Children of the elements, attuned to nature.
Dwarf    : Short, stocky folk with well balanced attributes.
Eldar    : Mysterious ancient race, masters of magic and lore.
Elf      : Mentally and physically agile race enamoured with magic.
Lizardman: Lizard crossbreeds with exceptional strength and wisdom.
Shadow  : Ethereal beings with a penchant for magic.

Other races available: Centaur, Giant, Half-Griffon, Halfling, Human,
              Quickling, Ratling, Sprite, Triton, Troll, Vampire, Wolfen

More details on each race are available by typing 'help <racename>'