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Clans: EbonyDagger

Ebony Dagger

As you enter this room, you cannot help but feel a chill shiver running the
length of your spine. For here, you are in the presence of the Myrddraal,
the Gifted of Ba'alzamon. It is as if the shadows themselves held shape and
texture, as if the cold touch of the night could steal away life, as a knife
slips into the back. It is said that many wars are won with military force..
well, not the wars of the Dark One. Rather the insinuation of the whisper in
a dream, or the chill touch of the grave upon the enemy. For slipping from one
shadow to another, the Fades surely come. Will you join them?

Duties of the Ebony Dagger

The Ebony Dagger is the military arm of the Children of Ba'alzamon. They
specialize in all things related to raiding, pking and in killing in general.
Although subtle, their methods are far more direct than those of the
or the
Black Ajah. Whenever other branches require a more frontal assault they
will call upon the
Ebony Dagger to do that which they are best at.

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