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Clans: BlackAjah

Black Ajah

As soon as you enter this room, you can taste the magic upon the air. It is
certain that those strong in the One Power walk these corridors. However,
along with the flavor of Enchantment comes the bitter cold chill of the dark
of heart. It is a flavor and a feeling that you relish. All around you, in
the half shade, soft black robes rustle - folds of midnight velvet softly
hanging upon the forms of those who seek. They seek a way to return the Dark
One back into the world. For these are the Black Ajah and their power is Dweomer
itself. Some of the greatest minds meet here, within this chamber, and all
around you see volumes upon volumes of books, every conceivable piece of
information held within those pages. With minds like these, you think to
yourself, the return of the Dark One must be close at hand indeed.

Duties of the Black Ajah

Magic is the domain of the Black Ajah. They know the details of all spells they
have encountered and are responsible for collecting and cataloging the items of
Aardwolf. They work with the
Darkfriends to explore new areas and record any new
items of note. The
Black Ajah also works with the Ebony Dagger to record
information on the equipment of any clans successfully raided. Although raiding
is not their specialty,
Black Ajah members contribute by acting as fidoers in
times when the clan raids.

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