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Area: WeatherObservatory

 Creator: Zafirah
 Level Range: 20-40
 Repop Message: Oh no! It's clouding up again at the observatory.

In the mountains of Gelidus near the Elfin Bay there is a Weather Observatory. The Weather Observatory serves two major purposes. It provides a learning environment for young weather beings. Sometimes a small cloud may arrive and from its time here decide it wants to be a rainbow instead.

The other purpose is to provide a place where those interested in weather can come to observe weather more easily than in the field. There are a few things that the observatory staff could use some help completing.

 Level Range         : 20 to 40
 Goal Difficulty     : Medium
 Goal Recommended at : Level 25 (for low tiers)
 Goal Converter      : Zafirah
 Area Author         : Zafirah

Note: You need to be at the low end of the area range for part of this goal.


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