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Area: TheFracturedLands

 Creator: Valkur Zafirah
 Level Range: 20-40
 Repop Message: There is a flash of lightning in the sky, as the magics of the Fractured Lands renew. 



Centuries ago, The Fractured Lands were one, not divided as they are today. There was much violence and warfare in the lands that after a century of the most violent times in history, the gods grew angry and split the lands. They also placed a curse on the lands that they would cease to exist if not for the help of outsiders, free to travel amongst each of the worlds of the Fractured Lands.

Free travelers, take pity upon those who dwell in The Fractured Lands and help renew their existence!

Level Range : 20 to 40 Goal Difficulty : Very Hard Goal Recommended at : Level 40 Goal Converter : Zafirah, Tzitzimime and Domain Area Author : Zafirah (original concept by Valkur)


This area replaced The Land of Dominia on February 28th, 2010. The map layout is the same, but some room names have changed. It also has a new goal.


Runto Fractured

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